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Subject: future common slavic forces ?
murabit821    11/6/2008 7:38:36 PM
i want know your opinion how can be organized common slavic military i mean all slavic state toghther yes is scifi , unreal or whatever but i just want know how can organized if will be one slavia state some federacy/confederacy of slavic states i have some ideas like several regional command west slavia (poland , czech , slovakia plus kalingrad) south slavia (all south slavic states) central slavia (ukrajine belarus ) west russia (moskva, lenigrad, noth kaukaz , ural-volga districts) east russia (siberian , farest east district and pacific fleet) but maybe some of u have different opinion to how can be organized it is realy fictional i have interest about posible organization and structure nit about if is posible have all slavic land toghter thanks
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