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Subject: My daughter wants to marry a marine and she is only 18.
worried mom    10/21/2008 3:40:20 PM
I need some advice. My daughter "Sue" and her boyfriend "Charlie" have been dating since she was a freshman and he was a junior in high school. She is a senior this year and Charlie is in the being stages of his marine career. He is finished with boot camp and is in training for whatever his job will be in the corp. Charlie is now coming home for a short visit and via the gossip grapevine, we have learned that there could possibly be an engagement and maybe a wedding before she is out of school. Sue's father and I are not happy about this and have always discussed her going to college and she always seemed to want to do this. Charlie's parents on the other hand, don't want to discourage anything, because he is 20, and they were married and had a baby about 2 months out of high school..Here is the kicker.....Sue is not being completely honest with us and we are really not sure what to do. I have considered talking to his recruiter, but I really am not sure. We don't necessary want them to break up....just slow way down, since she has not graduated from high school yet and he is not sure where he is really going to be yet......HELP! any sound advice would be most helpful..
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