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Subject: Updated Armed Forces of the World Database
Zhukov    8/15/2008 5:56:55 PM
This website's Armed Forces of the World Database has been updated. IMHO it is the most reliable ,comprehensive available database on "ground power" (which includes Air Power)on a free website . Here are the top 20 nations (excluding naval power) 1 USA,2.China 3 India 4 Israel 5 Russia 6 UK 7 Turkey 8 So Korea 9 Pakistan 10 No Korea 11 Germany 12 France 13 Egypt 14 Iran 15. Japan 16 Taiwan 17 Columbia 18 Brazil 19 Vietnam 20 Italy . Western Europe relative drop can be explained, at least partially by the end of the cold war. Western European nations have been downsizing their militaries since they don't face any immediate threat. The rise of India into the third spot is logical when you consider they have 2 very strong nations bordering them with whom they have been involved in wars within the past 50 years or less. They are compelled to maintain a very strong army and air force. It goes without saying that Israel which has been at war almost continuously in the past 60 years, must maintain an extremely strong military. The Russian military has been deteriorating since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Their "war" with Georgia does nothing to contradict that view. The database shows how defenseless Georgia is . Russia has a ground power ranking of 1726 while Georgia whom the Russia portray is an agressive, threating nation has a rating of 11. So much for the fiction that Russia was just protecting South Ossetia (whose population could fit into a medium sized American football stadium))from the "dangerous" Georgian military. According to these estimates Russia is approximately 150 times stronger militarily than Georgia. It would take a very insane leader or group of leaders to pick a fight with a country which is 150 times stronger. IMO this supports the case , that this "war" was just the very well known Russian practice of using their military to take anything they want as long as their intended victim is weak.
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