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Subject: Russia / Georgia in all out war...
The Lizard King    8/8/2008 9:40:38 AM
Russia has invaded Georgia.
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doggtag       8/8/2008 10:24:07 AM
So that means the price of oil is gonna shoot back up by about $10-15 a barrel, right?
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Hugo    NGI   8/8/2008 11:42:04 AM
...a Russian protected province of Georgia`s....
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Phaid       8/8/2008 12:34:15 PM
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The Lizard King       8/8/2008 12:59:36 PM
"Thing is, they cant handle Russia and wont get much help from the West."
Since early 2002, the U.S. government has given a healthy amount of military aid to Georgia....
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DarthAmerica       8/8/2008 3:13:19 PM

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00_Chem_AJB       8/8/2008 6:59:36 PM
Even with Georgia receiving US military aid that doesn't mean the US will do anything, the US gives Pakistan military aid yet if they don't shape up you are prepared to cross the boarder to route out Al Qaeda and Taliban positions, (who ever does to that I wish them success.) Even with the aid Georgia is not equipped well enough to stand against a full Russian invasion and prevail. the EU lacks the political will to do anything other then make alot of hot air, if the West does anything server in terms of sanctions then that will probably destroy any chances of a major cooperations between the two for a good few years as Russia will see this as injustice, they also supply around 25% of Europe's natural gas. We need to know who fired first, if the South Ossetian claims are true about the shelling of their capital, the Russian PK barracks and the supposed ethnic clenseing the Russia's responce seems quite just.
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Irish Emo dudes       8/9/2008 7:52:19 PM
This is interesting because it's not just Russia's first military operations since Chechnya but it's also a modern conventional war with cyber attacks being recorded. With the new Russian aggression around the world and a thriving economy based on oil and natural gas it is safe to safe welcome to the second cold war (how relevant is the name due to global warming?). Can someone get the numbers of oh many regular forces does Georgia has and then how many reservist? An interesting point also is what American weapons do the Georgians have? I am putting my money on small arms. I also heard Georgia had T-72's? Does that mean the two forces have equal quality of armor forces? I am also wondering if Georgians are better trained then the Russians due to the 130 American trainers? Does it give them the edge and also 2,000 combat battle harden Iraqi veterans? I would love your thoughts on these matters.
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EvilFishy       8/9/2008 8:24:36 PM
I am currently in Atlanta? but I don?t see any Ruskies; what gives?    
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The Lizard King       8/11/2008 2:58:54 AM
This was a huge tactical blunder by Georgia.  Russia's dominance in the area has increased immensely.
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The Lizard King       8/11/2008 7:33:06 AM
"Even with Georgia receiving US military aid that doesn't mean the US will do anything"
This may be how you feel, but does not represent reality on the ground.  The US has airlifted Georgian troops from Iraq to Georgia.
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