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Subject: 8000 feet above sea level NATO is largely ineffective against the Taleban
Le Zookeeper    8/8/2008 2:13:33 AM
High altitude warfare has NATO well FINITO in Afghanistan- 8000 feeet plus and u got edema etc, and the Taleban fight wight with curly toed slippers. Solutions folks??? Helicopters don't work--whats next??
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Shooter2K       9/24/2008 5:54:57 PM
You are clearly dilusional! Or troups can run down most taliwagers with ease, even at 12,000'. Most US helos can hover out of gound effect at all most 10,000' In GE, they can all go much higher. See the movie K-2 to see an example of this as the rescue chopper flies up the vally. The only reason we have not exterminated the Taliwackers by now is that we do not want to PO the Pakistanis who are allies in the WOT. Should the politicle possition either worsen or improve, we could pop all the significant IFTs in the reagion in a mater of weeks if not days, now that we are drawing down in Iraq.
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Softwar    Shooter Reply   9/25/2008 8:52:27 AM
It's okay Shooter - the poster you are replying to is an infamous troll - formerly known as Herc - who was banned from the boards for a time-out due to a bit of racism and bad manners.  Just ask anyone in the Australian board.
He is well known for posting with no facts and making assertions that are... to say the least... strange.
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