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Subject: How long B4 UAVs completely replace pilots in US/Europe and will it minimize US stealth edge?
free_man 12    1/21/2008 11:49:47 AM
Will the ability to build mass pilotless aircraft at low cost, as this site proclaims the Russians are planning on doind, dampen or overcome the stealth/techno edge that the US posseses? Will we ever see bombing missions with hundreds/thousands of bombers like in WWII, but they will be UAVs, where there is almost no unacceptable lmit on losses?
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JTR~~       6/8/2010 7:22:24 AM

I fail to see how the presence of a UCAV would have any effect on the relative usefulness of stealth, and as far as I?m aware all the latest UCAV projects are heavily influenced by stealth anyway, I believe it?s one of their main design parameters have a look at the BAE Taranis project for reference, however i still struggle to see how you can conclude that UCAVs and UAVs can render stealth technology useless, a little more elaboration if you please.


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JTR~~    thank you LB   6/8/2010 7:25:20 AM

Well led, trained, and motivated warriors have beaten better equipped foes since the dawn of time.   

haha, this one applies to so many other scenarios, couldnt have put it better myself, i wont say who or what but some people dont just see it this way, excellent point
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