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Subject: America's Worst Enemy in History
mongyu    1/2/2008 8:16:10 AM
The title says it all: Who do you think has been the greatest enemy ever to threaten America? My vote goes to the British hands down. No other country ever came as close as the British to physically ending the United States in our history. The Germans and the Japanese were formidable in their own right, but neither [or even both] could reasonably invade the United States. The Soviet Union had the theoretical potential to destroy the United States, but I think everyone agrees that this was not a practical capability in the way the British Empire's ability to take Washington DC was. The Soviets were a dangerous enemy ideologically in the way it could convert adherents in America, but they never out-did the British who successfully supported a rebellion in the United States by funding, arming, and giving moral support to the Confederacy. So what country would you choose?
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Herald12345    Still lying eh? Confine your garbage to the Crecy thread, cretin.    2/15/2008 9:19:32 AM
You have yet to name your experts or properly source cite.

With contempt,


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Nichevo    Yes please FULL STOP   2/15/2008 11:41:27 AM
Yes let's move off this thread to Crecy.  Or let's make a new thread, HYW vs ECW (right?)

We. Are. Tu
rdbombing. This. Thread. With. This. Off-point. Arglebargle.

It. Is. Not. Nice.

As the neutral party, I don't feel either side needs to continue here.  It is a long thread already which is a hassle, and anybody interested in the original question might like to look back and see a respite in the crapfest.

Please, let's move on to Crecy or a new thread.  The same applies to the Nazi carrier bit.  I like to consider new and improved ways for Nazis to die screaming between fire and water and resent the thread's interruption with arrows and such.

Please, let's move on.  'Kay?  TIA.

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Ehran       2/15/2008 12:13:52 PM
2. For an idiot who cannot even do a proper source citation or perform simple cretin math, I find you questioning my calculations to be a farce.
3. As I say repeatedly, the calculations are there. The assumptions and the start points I spell out. you can't do the math, you can't find one meritable argument on point that negates the conclusions and you have the effrontery to claim that you can just dismiss the results with a tain't so.
paul's cited the experts enough times it hardly needs to be done again for you.
i don't need to run through the calculations because they are based on incorrect numbers and assumptions.
this has been explained to you over and over again while you blissfully ignore the corrections.
all the iraq rafting discussion did was demonstrate the futility of explaining to you your pronouncement was wrong.
i don't know what part of "the british did it already a century ago with steam paddleboats" didn't register with you.  i feel strangely certain that with a few modern improvements like sonar, diesel engines, gps it could be done again.  now of course we have herald's pronouncement disagreeing with the historical record and you for some ego maniacal reason think people are supposed to just dismiss the historical record because you say it couldn't have happened that way.  hmm could this be a pattern?
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Nichevo    Back to the topic   2/15/2008 1:09:20 PM
Okay, so contenders for the answer to the thread question would seem to be:

American Indians
Barbary Pirates
Germany/Central Powers
Japan/Axis Powers
North Korea/China
Latin America, any combo (Cuba, Nicaragua, etc)
Al Queda/Islamofascism
Organized crime
Political corruption
Unsustainable nature of democracy/republican form of government
Original sin

Did I miss any?

Do let's move to Crecy, Ehran.  I see no concession on anyone's part inherent in this move other than an admission of threadjacking, which is not actionable and can happen to anyone.  Eh?

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kensohaski       2/18/2008 10:09:53 AM
The mongoloid Russians were planning to attack us even into the mid 1980's.  They may have had 30,000 nukes pointed at us and the Red Chinese.  They were are biggest enemy. 
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kensohaski       2/18/2008 10:10:51 AM
The mongoloid Russians were planning to attack us even into the mid 1980's.  They may have had 30,000 nukes pointed at us and the Red Chinese.  They were are biggest enemy. 
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Soviet Spetsnaz       3/4/2008 4:14:27 AM

No other country ever came as close as the British to physically ending the United States in our history.

(C&P from another forum):

Frame from NTV Channel
Russian Colonel Who Averted Nuclear War Receives World Citizen Award

Created: 20.01.2006 13:18 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 13:18 MSK


Retired Russian colonel Stanislav Petrov received a special World Citizen Award at a UN meeting in New York on Thursday. Petrov was honored as the ?Man Who Averted Nuclear War?.

In a meeting held at the UN?s Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium on Jan. 19, the Association of World Citizens (AWC) presented the retired officer with his award.

The inscription on the award, which has a granite base with a solid glass hand holding the earth, read: ?The single hand that holds the earth symbolizes your heroic deed on September 26, 1983 that earned you the title: The Man Who Averted Nuclear War.? The back of the award read: ?May the hand now symbolize humanity united to save our world by eliminating nuclear weapons from the face of the earth.?

Back in 1983 Petrov made a decision that prevented a war that could have destroyed the planet. He was the duty officer at Russia?s main nuclear command center in September 1983 when the system indicated a nuclear missile attack was launched by the U.S. on Russia.

It was just after midnight, Sept. 26, and 120 staff were working the graveyard shift in Serpukhov-15, the secret USSR command bunker hidden in a forest 30 miles northeast of Moscow, WorldNetDaily reported.

In the commander?s chair was Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov, 44, looking down from his mezzanine desk to the gymnasium-sized main floor filled with military officers and technicians charged with monitoring any U.S. missiles and retaliating instantly.

Petrov was highly aware that Cold War tensions were acute, as USSR fighters had shot down a Korean airliner on Sept. 1. But he was completely shocked when the warning siren began to wail and two lights on his desk console began flashing MISSILE ATTACK and START. ?Start? was the instruction to launch, irreversibly, all 5,000 or so Soviet missiles and obliterate America.

A new, unproven Soviet satellite system had picked up a flash in Montana near a Minuteman II silo. Then another — five, all told.

Petrov recalls his legs were ?like cotton,? as they say in Russian. He stared at the huge electronic wall map of the United States in terror and disbelief. As his staff gawked upward at him from the floor, he had the thought, ?Who would order an attack with only five missiles? That big an idiot has not been born yet, not even in the U.S.?

The Soviet procedure manual was inflexible, and it demanded he notify his superiors of the attack immediately. But relying on his intuition, Petrov disobeyed. For almost five minutes, he stalled, holding his hotline phone in one hand and his intercom in the other, barking orders to his personnel to get back to their desks.

Then he made the decision that saved the world. Summoning up his firmest voice, he called his Kremlin liaison and said it was a false alarm. But today he admits, ?I wasn?t 100 percent sure. Not even close to 100 percent.?

Months later, it was determined that sunlight reflecting off clouds in Montana had caused a faulty satellite computer assembly to report a missile launch flash. But by that time, Petrov?s excellent military career had been sidetracked. He wasn?t fired, but he was transferred — and never got any medals or recognition. When his wife was found to have a brain tumor in 1993, he retired to take care of her. When she died, he borrowed money to give her a funeral.

Today, Petrov, 67, lives in Moscow on a monthly pension of less than $200.
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Herald12345    AS man who showed good judgment and a true patriot to the Rodina.    3/4/2008 4:20:16 AM
Thank you for sharing his story.


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JTR~~    haha   6/14/2010 10:58:26 AM

As for Britain being your greatest enemy, I think that's true to a point. Yes, we could have (in theory) ended your existence as a nation... but we didn't have the national will or desire to do it.

Now, now, there...I don't think the British Empire didn't end America's existence for lack of trying.  Come on  B.L.  :)  Give the poor Americans a little credit. T_T

this made me laugh but he is right, Britain had neither the will power nor the time to fight for any longer over America, don?t forget that in its first stages (may need to brush up on my history here) but i believe it was Britain that kept winning all the major victories, and besides i we hadn?t left America alone we would have never invaded and occupied India which in the long run turned out to be far more profitable (not any more however seeing as America has usurped Britain as the major world power, ha-ha, no fair).


we must not forget however that as well as the country being sick of fighting America, which was considerably harder to do in those days in terms of logistics, that Britain was also fighting France, Spain, some Native Indian tribes, and i believe the Dutch, while quashing various not conformist members of our growing empire, putting out rebellions here and there, while managing the largest global empire in all of history (although not at this point in history, that comes later with the conquest of India).


but to your point, yes i think that Britain was Americas greatest threat, and with a little more willpower America would still be trying to throw our tea in various rivers all over the US, as our lovely British occupation of the country and the Empire would more than likely still be alive and kicking, ha-ha" alt="" />


Regards JTR~~


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JTR~~    hmm?   6/15/2010 12:21:36 PM

once the US controlled the west coast then it was basically secure from any British or other foreign threat but up until 1850 the US would still have to be very worried if Britain became aggressive.


I?d say way beyond that as well, during the 19th century America was militarily weak, the army was small and badly equipped for the most part, their doctrine was largely outdated and the navy was lagging behind, it wasn?t until world war one that America really started putting weight behind its military. i would say up until this point America would have had a hard time fighting many European countries, certainly if Britain wished too, and in the absence of the first world war Britain could have quite easily invaded the United states, given the will power to continue of course and funding and the all important fact of Britain not having to fight a dozen or so enemies at once (ha-ha), the US military was in no state to defend against the British, even after world war one Americas military was downsized and was in a perilous position for world war two.

So yes I would say that America would have had to worry about Britain for a long time after 1850 into the beginning of the twentieth century if of course Britain decided to become aggressive.


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