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Subject: XM 29 made by Singapore--Not a April fool joke.
lionnoisy    4/2/2010 12:20:02 AM
XM 29 made by Singapore. This is not a April fool joke. There are 2 types of XM 29 OICW like weapons made by Singapore. The first one is a grenade launcher integrated to Singapore SAR 21 rifle. This GL , with a Fire Control System (FCS) can fire airburst 40 mm grenade. This weapon was just displayed in Singapore Airshow 2010. 2.Second type is a newly developed SSW, Squad Support Weapon,like XM 29. This is in the mature stage of development and may be unveiled in the near future. Nammo and STK SSW. page 34 Singapore SSW You can read the details of SSW by Singapore and Sweden. Singapore discussed about airburst technology in 2001 NDIA. 3.USA first develop grenade airburst technology on hand held weapon, eg XM 29. This is wrong. How can you integrate a bulky and heavy FCS equipment on hand held weapon? Singapore first integrate airburst technology on crew served Grenade Launcher. This proved successful. Then Singapore improve FCS and integrate smaller FCS on rifle. Singapore weapons search for Google image --eurosatory 2004 + CIS + SSW
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