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Subject: Robot insurgents
reefdiver    1/25/2010 7:39:36 PM
If you haven't read this months Defense Tech International, here it is: h**p:// Check out page 15 - some Australians PhD candidates have taken a Segway, given it puncture resistant tires, armored it and put a plastic mannequin with sensors on it. It will be used for live-fire exercises. It is partly guided, and partly autonomous so that one operator can manage several. "Kill" one and the others scatter for the article for details. Should make for some great training - no rails, no static pop-ups, and overall much less predictability. They might want to look at one based on Kamen's wheelchair that normally travels on 4 wheels but can rise up a couple of feet and balance on two, and can climb stairs. Here's a video of it: h**p:// Having robotic "insurgents" that could climb stairs and some other obstacles would add another level.
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