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Subject: STINGRAY vs. MU90
yuleidaodan    10/18/2009 2:22:00 PM
Hello, If we compare these two torpedoes (stingray vs MU90), what would the advantages/downsides of each of them be? If a Navy has both, what will their choice be based on? Thanks!
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doggtag       10/18/2009 4:28:28 PM
Would be helpful if you'd have thrown us a few bones to get the conversation going.
Try these for starters:
MU90 Eurotorp website   (when the site works)
BAE's Stingray site (not a lot there)
If you want US efforts,
and Raytheon's pdf for the Mk 54 (not one of their more informative pdfs,..).
I see little reason why any given navy would see much sense in procuring both the MU90 and Stingray, or a combination of these latest ones.
If anything, it would more likely be a navy that was a longtime user of the Mk46 family
was in the process of upgrading to greater capabilities than any of the older-technology Mk46's had to offer, even though Raytheon's Mk54 is apparently in kitform to address the issues of antiquated capability in the Mk46s.
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yuleidaodan       10/19/2009 10:08:37 AM
Thank you for your reply!

I had already read all those descriptions, and it seemed to me (from a layman's perspective) that they have more or less the same capabilities. Yet I am translating a text that mentions a Navy procuring both, which is why I wanted to know more about how these two torpedoes compare.
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