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Subject: Modern Flamethrower
32degrees    11/6/2007 2:33:27 AM
In modern warfare would a flamethrower be practical. I don't want to come across as seeming mid evil or archaic but could it still be used to clear a building. For instance in Iraq if a building with insurgents in it was proving to be a problem does it sound feasible for a soldier to use the barrel of a flamethrower to bust through a window and let several bursts go. I see that it has many tactical problems to employ so is it feasible or would a thermobaric grenade be more efficient. As far as modern technologies in fuel and propulsion a interesting design could be possible.
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andyf       11/6/2007 10:50:14 AM
how about a 'dragons breath 'style round for the 40mm grenade launcher?
an frangible container instead of a grenade, containing finely powdered aluminium and smokeless proppellant
as you fire a burning cloud of Al would erupt from the muzzle
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Herald1234    Thermobaric rocket from your standard infantry rocket launcher?   11/6/2007 10:58:17 AM
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bob the brit       11/6/2007 2:31:16 PM
the only problem is not always having the option of target recognition. not to mention the things are usually hefty and awkward to say the least. no one wants to try being tactical whilst looking like a scuba-diver.
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WarNerd       11/7/2007 3:09:46 AM
The "human rights" people have effectively banned napalm, so a flame thrower is right out.  Besides, the man portable flame thrower has always been a bit of a desperation weapon, used mainly because there were few effective alternatives.  They are short ranged (<50m, max.), bulky, difficult to deploy, and prone catastrophic failure when hit.  Vehicle mounted versions with their longer range and massive fuel loads (particularly when carried in a towed trailer) are much more practical.
Thermobaric warheads on rockets and missiles largely replaced the flame thrower, with a variety of improvised devices filling the remaining needs.
I remember one described on this site from a while back that consisted of a barbecue size LPG cylinder, some C-4 and det cord that was supposed to be perfect for bringing down houses in Faluga.
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Rasputin       11/7/2007 4:32:50 AM
I believe there was a previous post about UK troopers using Law 72s with thermobaric rounds.

And they also got the howls of protests from well protesters against thermobaric rocket rounds.

You can also get more russian versions of the weapons, made famous by their inept and disastorous use against chechen rebels to free school children hostages in Beslan.

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