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Subject: US Congress Oks Global Stike Funding
Softwar    9/17/2007 4:54:48 PM
Congress Moves Toward Prompt Global Strike Funding Aviation Week & Space Technology 09/17/2007, page 27 The Defense Dept. has been arguing for prompt global strike (PGS) capabilities like conventional-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles, and Congress seems ready to fund significant R&D. Senate appropriators last week adopted a $125-million PGS “initiative” that they say “consolidates disparate efforts from across the department.” The Fiscal 2008 defense appropriations bill passed by the House in July mandated a $100-million PGS program element within the Pentagon-wide R&D budget, mainly for new propulsion and guidance technologies, mission planning, reentry vehicle design, modeling and simulation efforts and launch system infrastructure that could be shared across PGS programs.
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