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Subject: LW25mm Bushmaster
reefdiver    7/18/2007 7:29:39 PM
What do you think of this gun - apparentlys its being considered for CROWs? EXCERPTS FROM NEWS RELEASE: ATK's unique LW25mm Bushmaster will give the operator a remotely controlled, dual feed, next-round select, air-bursting munition capability. It can fire an air-bursting round to defeat dismounted infantry with one round and then engage a vehicle with armor-piercing with the next. And the LW25mm Bushmaster reliability stems from its DNA as an ATK gun system -- no candidate system has a better Mean Rounds Between Failure than ATK. The LW25mm Bushmaster can be easily mounted on today's armored vehicles and is an ideal consideration for the U.S. Army's Future Combat System family of platforms. It will feature ATK's remote-controlled system and firing versatility to protect the soldier under armor, while eliminating the threat.
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