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Subject: US House cuts FCS to buy half a sub.
Jeff_F_F    6/14/2007 4:10:46 PM
I've been doing some more digging and found some more interesting info about the House budget cuts. Generally anything that involved strategic defense got a few whacks taken to it, and several advanced weapons systems. The following cuts were made by the US House in the 2008 military budget: Future Combat System Request: $3.7 billion Committee: $2.8 billion, $857 million below request Ballistic Missile Defense (Missile Defense Agency only) Request: $8.9 billion Committee: $8.1 billion, $764.2 million below request F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Request: $230 million for one aircraft Committee: $0 Airborne Laser Program (ABL) – Provides $298.8 million, $250 million below the request, to restructure ABL into a “technology demonstration program,” but keeps open the possibility of a future shoot-down test. -------------------- And the following were also added: LPD-17 “San Antonio” Amphibious Assault Ship Request: $1.7 billion for one vessel Committee: $3.4 billion for two vessels SSN-774 “Virginia” Class Submarine Request: $2.65 billion for one vessel Committee: $2.65 billion for one vessel, plus $1.3 billion for advanced procurement of an additional submarine, $588 million above the request
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JFKY       6/14/2007 4:16:35 PM
And then there's the Senate version and the final conference committee report that will be adopted by both houses.  So between now and Oct. the folks at GDLS and BAE Systems will be knocking on many doors and the Army will be lobbying.
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Jeff_F_F       6/14/2007 4:27:06 PM
More info can be found here :
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Jeff_F_F    FCS cuts were tiny compared to communications   6/14/2007 5:35:10 PM
FCS was cut by *only* about $900million.
The networks were cut by a lot more.
The Joint Network Node communications network was cut by $2.125 billion to $462.8million.
The Warfighter Information Network - Tactical was cut by 102.3 million to 120 million.
These networks were heavily based on Civilian off the Shelf Technology instead of the horribly old decripit pice of $@#! network equipment the Army uses now. I've used Army network hardware. It sucks. We need new gear in this area far more than a bunch of new vehicles.
for more information about these systems see : >
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Herald1234    Politics drove this; not mission, science and engineering.   6/14/2007 7:00:18 PM
!@#$%^&**() democrats.
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Something Meatier       6/26/2007 11:44:28 AM
Gotta love having the Democrats back in power.  They're not anti-military, they're just anti-war. 
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Horsesoldier       6/26/2007 6:58:09 PM
I'm guessing these decisions probably line up in an intriguing way with the home districts of the committee members or their allies in the House and that we're seeing the winners and losers on the political side rather than what is actually needed or not needed.
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dudley    $$$$$$$$$   7/2/2007 7:38:42 AM
Not thats its wrong or right but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is whats killing the military budget for rediness and procurement.
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