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Subject: Can you identify this weapon?
HYPOCENTER    2/12/2007 11:50:29 PM
the following taken from this guys blog: I don't recognize it... It looks home made to me. (see picture is in next post).
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HYPOCENTER    Mystery weapon   2/12/2007 11:51:13 PM

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The RPG in the foreground provides a reference for dimensions.
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HYPOCENTER    try it once more   2/12/2007 11:52:03 PM">
(This photo is posted in high resolution.The RPG in the foreground provides a reference for dimensions.)
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smitty237       2/13/2007 12:24:49 AM
It doesn't look like any weapon I've ever seen.  It may either be fake, or it could be a modified RPG launcher.  One has to question why someone would need to fabricate an RPG launcher when they are relatively plentiful in that part of the world, but the addition of the sniper scope may provide a clue.  Perhaps the insurgents wanted a compact launcher in which they could mount a regular rifle scope instead of the normal PSO RPG scope.  The RPG was designed as an anti-tank weapon, and its optics are designed for targeting armored vehicles.  As armor as advanced, the role of the RPG has changed to more of an anti-personnel role.  Maybe a sniper scope makes more sense for this sort of weapon.  This particular weapon may be more concealable and disposable as well, but that's just a guess. 
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Claymore       2/13/2007 12:51:00 AM
Its homemade junk. Hodgepoge of other parts.

Let them waste their time camo painting that garbage that probably is wasted after one shot or is taken after their sucide mission.

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Fluid       2/19/2007 9:56:38 PM
It's a potato gun. Or, potato gun tech used for some nefarious purpose.

Honestly, it looks like a potato gun refined for real combat.

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Herald1234    Asked-maybe answered.    2/20/2007 5:36:38 PM">


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murdoc    Action Figure pic is a photoshop   3/1/2007 12:05:43 PM
That is the second photoshopped action figure pic I've seen about this.  It's a hoax.  See the actual toy picture " href="" target="_blank">
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Herald1234    Stand corrected.   3/1/2007 3:14:58 PM
A hoax on top of a hoax? Well I am not surprised.

I still don't see it as a functioning object other than propaganda. Who would be stupid  enough to put a rifle stock on a point and shoot tube launch weapon? especially a rifle stock right adjacent to the flame cone exit point on a rocket launcher?

Somehow, I still think its a toy.



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