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Subject: Raytheon successfully tests solid state laser against mortors
reefdiver    1/12/2007 4:50:23 PM,+2007 (The laser system apparently uses the Phalanx platform) A quote from the article: "In just six short months, Raytheon and government engineers went from an idea to operational field testing of a solid-state laser system that offers the potential of near-term protection for our troops," said Mike Booen, vice president of Advanced Missile Defense and Directed Energy Weapons at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Ariz. "Our solid-state LADS proves you don't have to wait another three to five years for solid-state lasers to have military utility on the battlefield. They are ready now,with no chemicals required."
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reefdiver    whoops - happy fingers gave us Mortors ...   1/12/2007 4:53:13 PM
Sorry about the bad mortars...when will they add author edit abilities to this system.
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Herald1234    Probably never.   1/13/2007 11:10:17 AM

It prevents backtracking edits to cover up foolish opinions expressed and sent.

The SYSOP probably[rightly] expects us to be succinct  and  to proofread  the posting.

My own complaints are about more[I hope] legitimate buggy things;
-multiple postings from just brushing a hotspot.
-hotlink insertion editor that is  truly crappy.
-copy/paste function that is truly crappy.
-browser engine conformity that reflects 1980s software compatability.
-reply window that scrolls like a belly dancer in Opera.
-too small a reply window.

The only way around for a long answer; is to go to a word processing spreadsheet prior to composition of an answer and compose your answer there and proof it, then copy/paste

It is clumsy, but that is the SP BB way, it seems.


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