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Subject: stealth technology
Ezekiel    12/31/2006 1:02:37 PM
what is required in order to implement an indigenous stealth program??
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Herald1234    US technology.   12/31/2006 1:06:24 PM

what is required in order to implement an indigenous stealth program??

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Ezekiel       1/14/2007 9:52:37 AM
i mean the tech was found by the US in the 70's why hasn't anyone else come upon this it just money?
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flamingknives       1/14/2007 10:19:39 AM
Well, first you have to define what you mean by "a stealth program".

At the least, you need facilities for measuring radar returns from structures and materials, so that means you need a radar capacity. On top of that, you need a good materials capacity, so you have lots of useful materials to test out. Finally, a decent computing capacity so that you can take the theory developed from the first two and use them to design your product.

Countries with at least some demonstrated low observable capacity:
US (duh)
UK (plenty of research, the new LO UAVs from BAESystems, contibutions to Storm Shadow)
Sweden (Visby class corvettes)
France (Rafale, involvement with SCALP, probably lots of research but I don't know about that)
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Yimmy       1/14/2007 10:34:43 AM

I think people realised wood didnt reflect radar waves too well long before then.

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french stratege       1/17/2007 2:36:01 PM
To develop Stealth technology you need first a good radar industry: indeed you need at least to know what to counter as future threat.And to develop test tools.
Now what is essential:
-Stealth  materials and devices: a R&D on structural/coating material transparent or absorbing, radar antena/optics shielding...
-Develop theory then software tools to predict what will be RCS and get coupled RCS/aerodynamic simulation and optimization
-Develop testing means (anechoid chambers and so on)
-Develop active stealth which is a necessary complement of active stealth
-Integrate stealth with flight by wire techniques, CME , transmissions etc...
It is not so costly to make specific stealth  R&T (research and technology and much more expensive to make a product.)
Until now stealth was usefull only for subsonic planes and became mature for supersonic planes at a great cost.
For bombing, pure stealth compromise payload and a missile can do the same without vulnerabilty:
Why add 50m$ to a 60m$ fighter when you can get 50 to 100 smart stand off ammunitons for this price like cruise missles?
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