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Subject: Best Anti-Tank Missle
towgunner1960    8/14/2003 6:45:26 PM
By far best missle is the tube launched, optically tracked, wire command link guided missle....TOW....
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Horsesoldier    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/15/2003 7:23:19 AM
This is sort of a vague topic, right, rather like the best tank threads and all that. I like the TOW 2, but what makes it "best" in your book? Manportability and gunner exposure time surely aren't two criteria . . .
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Heorot    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/15/2003 12:06:58 PM
How about Hellfire (Helicopter Fire & forget). No man in the loop to it up.
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Heorot    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/15/2003 12:09:18 PM
A word was censored. Try again. How about Hellfire (Helicopter Fire & forget). No man in the loop to c*ck it up.
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towgunner1960    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/15/2003 9:55:19 PM
unjamable wire link, reliability, 95%+ kill rate in combat. As man portable as any one elses heavy anti tank missle. Extreme accuracy...
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Heorot    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 6:50:05 AM
But the operator hat to keep the target in sight doesn't he. What if he ducks 'cause he's under fire at the crucial moment? I remember reading about Dragon operators in excercises. They would just fire the d*mn thing and duck into cover. Of course the Dragon can't compare with TOW but the principal is the same.
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M4A3E2(76)W    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 7:27:45 AM
What do you think of the Milan and the Eryx?
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towgunner1960    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 10:28:16 PM
milan & eryx, milan as good as but on a smaller scale, wouldn't want to be in a tank that either hit. not aware of any combat experience with eryx, but usually most french weapons are quite good. medium and small a/t weapons... still doesn't have as many kills as tow in combat.
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god of war    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 10:31:26 PM
I think an RPG is quite good against an older tank, like a T64 , T55, or a M48 that are in service on many third world nations. I dont know if you could classify it as an anti tank weapon, though.
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towgunner1960    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 10:37:25 PM
Tow doesn't have laser guidance like hellfire or fire and forget like newest missles, (YET). but that wire link is a s.o.b. impossible to jam, does not fail to lock on at times like fire and forget and laser guidance. so simple, keep cross hairs on target and it dies..... also a good gunner will try to fire as far away from tank as possible so that any counter measure will probably be to late. during training while firing simulators we used to set off grenade simulators and fire blanks by launcher to see how it would affect gunner, simulating incoming fire. once you get in the zone you don't lose the missle much..
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towgunner1960    RE:Best Anti-Tank Missle   8/16/2003 10:40:20 PM
rpg is anti tank weapon but not missle, it is technically a rocket launcher in that you can't influence the round once it's fired.. i agree one of the world's best even though obsolete, still getting its share of kills.
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