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Subject: left handed 45/9mm pistol
ordshooter    9/6/2004 5:47:48 PM
Anyone out there have good advice on make/model for a left handed or ambi 45/9mm semi auto pistol. So far the H&K p2000 is all I find readily available. What else is there with out expensive special ordering?
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ChdNorm    RE:left handed 45/9mm pistol   9/9/2004 12:36:25 AM
I think if I were wrong handed, I'd really consider something along the lines of the Glock, Springfield XD. The fewer controls you have to mess with, probably the better off you are. Other pistols do have ambidextrous features such as safeties and reversable mag releases. I'd handle as many different makes as you can, then decide which ones you can work with, or around, based on how they handle to you as an individual.
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eon    RE:left handed 45/9mm pistol   9/9/2004 9:50:03 AM
I concur with ChdNorm. The Glock-type pistols with "safe-action" triggers are fairly ambidextrous right out of the box. If you want something closer to a conventional DA auto, you might want to look at the Smith & Wesson SW 45, the .45 ACP member of the SW 99 family( they also maske them in 9m/m and .40 S&W). It's basically a Walther P99 with a better external shape for concealed carry (i.e., less sharp corners). It also sells for about the same price as the Glock or Springfield, most places, in any caliber..
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eon    RE:left handed 45/9mm pistol-eon to ChdNorm   9/9/2004 9:51:27 AM
By "wrong-handed" I assume you mean "sinestrous"? (Like my own self.) :-).
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fcrides       7/23/2009 6:36:53 PM
Hi I am left handed and just purchased a p250 sig. you can change it to left hand eject mag, also it can be changed to a 9mm, 357, 40, 45 cal by changing  the barrel assy. it just won 2 awards. I love it but it is not ma compliant something to look into 549.00 is what I paid for a 9mm compact conv kits are around 300.
hope this helps

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