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Subject: german weapons
the german    6/15/2003 9:47:10 AM
what do you think of german weapons and the german army?? I know that the USMC and army use our weapons, for example the HK MP5. I hope you won't say everythink germany does and produces is just becuse we were against the war and still are.
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JCH    RE:german weapons    6/18/2003 9:59:17 AM
Well, I think Germany had always had a talent to produce good weaponry/optics/etc... They've had ideas and the worksmanship to put them into shape... And that's a Frenchman talking... !!! Really when you think that modern machine guns are still based on the design of the MG42... Makes you wonder...
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Soylent Green    RE:german weapons    6/18/2003 12:37:55 PM
German weapons and tanks have a very good reputation (though oddly, Heckler and Koch is owned by BAe). The MP5 is widely used by speacial forces throughout the West. The Leopard II is a classic tank etc etc. So yes, I'd say what the Germans do they do very well. I'm not sure about the rest of it though.
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joe6pack    RE:german weapons    6/19/2003 2:08:27 PM
I'd agree with the previous posters. Germany knows how to make weapons. However, I'm not sure how widely the U.S. military uses them. Although I think we do use a certain amount of German parts.. If I'm not mistaken the main gun on the M1A1 is a German design. Maybe the M249 SAW.. or maybe thats Belgian? I'd look more at U.S. law enforcement in regards to pistols and semi automatics.. (I wasn't aware the H.K. was owned by someone other than H.K.) As to the war bit,I think thats been over done. I for one can understand being against the war (I disagree with that point of view, but I can understand it) However, what I think annoyed many Americans was the perception (perhaps fact) that France was against it for no other reason than the U.S. was for it.... and well I could go on but this was a post about German made weapons ;-)
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Horse Soldier    RE:german weapons    6/19/2003 10:35:40 PM
German contributions to the US military arsenal include the 120mm smoothbore, and the MP5 SMG, which is used in limited amounts by the USMC, the Army (mostly by CID agents, I think), and of course the special ops guys. H&K also designed the SOCOM Mk.23 pistol, but I can't recall if that was done in Germany or was a contract done by H&K's American operation, which I suppose gets into a gray area. Then there is, of course, the M93 Fox NBC recon vehicle in service with the Army and USMC. There may be other pieces of German ordnance in the inventory I'm forgetting. In addition to Germany, we've got Belgian weapons (M249 SAW and M240 series of MGs) in the inventory, Italian and Swiss pistols (M9 and M11, respectively), an Israeli designed 120mm mortar, British tank guns (105mm -- I think the Stryker MGS will be using an L7) and artillery (think the new towed 155mm is a British design, or joint US-British design) and probably some other pieces of assorted kit. I would personally consider current German small arms and vehicles to be extremely reputable and high-quality.
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Thomas    RE:german weapons    6/20/2003 1:13:53 AM
Personally I consider the Leopard 1 the best medium tank build for the European theater with its developed roadnet. With regards to WW2: Germany has really done an effort to avoid future infringements on their neighbours.
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Heorot    RE:german weapons: to Joe   6/21/2003 6:19:39 AM
H&K bet the company on developing the G11 rifle that fored caseless ammunition. When that failed to get adopted, they were essentaiily bankrupt and were bailed out by Royal Ordnance. They recently sold it on but I hadn't realised that BAe were the buyers.
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SgtSkrap    RE:german weapons    8/9/2003 3:25:48 PM
I am a machinist who was taught my trade by a 67 year old german immigrant. The pride that germans take in their craftsmanship I have rarely seen in any other culture(modern japan being an honorable mention). I read an article on the restoration of a Me109 in which was stated that when the pistons of the engine were removed they took the utmost care not to damage them because the tolerances were so close that they would be hard pressed to manufacture new ones even on todays CNC machines. I am in awe of their engineering prowess. Now, don't go off with a big head ok.
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Zerbrechen    RE:german weapons    8/12/2003 12:14:48 AM
The germans still make top-knotch weaponry. I started out carrying a SIG-SAUER P220 for my duty-weapon (OK, swiss design, German built) and still use it for off-duty carry. Even though it still says "Made in W. Germany" and has had thousands of rounds through's accurate.
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WinsettZ    RE:german weapons    8/12/2003 11:03:53 AM
Made in West Germany? It must be a somewhat old that Germany is unified and West Germany is no more it could be worth a bit more.
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Zerbrechen    RE:german weapons    8/12/2003 11:52:20 AM
Definitely pre-German reunification. The little 220 also has a nasty bark to it. At the indoor shooting range, my partner with a Glock .45 wasn't as loud and I made the entire shooting section jump when I would let one go during shoot.don/t shoot scenarios. The Sig bucks a bit more too.
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