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Subject: New, Improved Computerized Rifle
SYSOP    9/18/2021 6:05:26 AM
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Hari Sud       9/18/2021 9:59:28 AM
Another weapon is being produced to loose another war. The M-16 lost the Vietnam war, the M-4 was instrumental in loosing Iraq and Afghan war. Now this new weapon is being built to loose another war. It is less of a weapon, although it is important but will to fight the war is key to success. US recruits have no will to fight to win. They are driven by politicians who have no clue when to fight and when to stop. Their high ideals of democracy and human rights is key reason for failures.
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Fanatic       9/21/2021 10:41:54 AM
Hari Sud: High ideals of democracy and human rights are the only thing worth fighting for, aside from self defense.
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Sip       9/21/2021 5:14:06 PM
Gentlemen, you wrote "and the 6.8mm round was developed because it provided better penetration as well as less recoil than the 5.56mm round." Don't you mean" than the 7.62 round", not the 5.56?
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Toryu88       9/24/2021 7:45:00 AM
Hari Sud: Do you troll much for the Russians? Your comments are laughable and only demonstrate your lack of knowledge. Do yourself a favor and keep your inane "analysis" of American foreign policy efforts to yourself. You might on the other hand, give us your analysis of the Russian efforts in Chechnia and more recently in the Ukraine. It appears that the Russians have had a difficult time of fighting and winning their two recent wars without resorting to criminal measures that would make Sadaam Hussein proud. Russia has never really recovered from WWII in fact it might have helped win the war but it lost the peace. A measure of this is the living standard of Unified Germany vs that of Russia. Russia is a third world country with nuclear weapons and for some reason its leadership can't deal with the fact that no one is really afraid of them anymore. It is kind of like they've reestablished the reputation they had when Peter the Great ascended the throne. They are once again the backward, land to the East once known as simply "Muskovy." Given time, the Chinese will "sort things out" and take the heavy responsibility for exploiting the great wilderness of Siberia off Russia's shoulders.
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