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Subject: FN FAL vs H&K G3A3
Diablo_45    1/2/2004 8:27:21 AM
Both simular in specifications , but which one is better ?
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Mark F    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3   1/2/2004 9:21:16 AM
The FAL has a poor reputation in sandy conditions. Other than that, both are fine.
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ChdNorm    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3   1/2/2004 5:23:07 PM
I vote for the FN, based on the purely subjective reason it feels better in the hand. I do think the sights are better on the G-3, and the shorter OAL is nice. But the FAL is a little lighter and the controls seem a little more ergonomic. For the hell of it, lets throw the M-14 in the ring too. Im a huge fan of the 14, but I think id still pick the FN overall.
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jofredes    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3   1/3/2004 1:37:15 AM
I vote for the G3 because it is lighter, cheaper and probably sturdier. The only reason why the FAL has sold in higher numbers than the G3 is because the FAL came before the G3, the countries who bought automatic rifles in the 60ies rather than in the 50ies seem to have prefered the G3.
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ChdNorm    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3   1/3/2004 12:59:27 PM
I agree with most of your points, but I thought the FAL was the lighter of the two? It seems like it to me, could be a matter of balance though. Also, and maybe one of our German friends can help clarify this, I was under the impression that the Germans preffered the FAL (as the G1) but went on to adopt the G-3 because of an issue of manufactoring rights or licensing from FN.
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Worcester    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3-from the infantry board   1/8/2004 3:26:10 PM
Would posters please indicate whether they have used the FAL and/or G-3 before replying to this. If you're interested in the FAL/G-3 heritage and why the Belgians wouldn't allow the Germans to manufacture the FAL forcing them to go with the CETME-derived G-3, please go to:- The FAL dominance was because it is a superb rifle; the later G-3 tended to be introduced in contires with Spanish/Portuguese/German connections or patronage. And excuse my caustic tone in this old piece since I was trying to get around the flag wavers. As a user of both in action I found little difference but I agree with ChdNorm about the balance. The FAL just "felt" better; but the G3 perhaps because it always "felt" barrel-heavy, is also more stable in full auto with 2-3 round bursts. The alledged "sand problems" with the FAL were extremely minor and the story grew out of the Brit army 1958/9 tests in Libya which has sand like talcum powder which they poured liberally into the working parts. The Brit FAL which became the Self Loading Rifle (SLR which I've also used) had notches in a VVVVVVV pattern cut into the vertical sides of the receiver and a sand trap fitted above the pistol grip which cured this; the Brit SLR also had 6 RH turns in the barrel against the 4 for the FAL and G-3 which gave a very flat trajectory and lower deceleration out to 250m - very accurate and penetrative. In the Gulf in the 1980's (and given a free choice) a lot of guys picked up G-3's and a lot picked up the FAL/SLR. Some because the SLR was better in a sandstorm, others because the G-3 felt better in auto. What I can confirm is no-one picked up an M-16! 5.56mm is too light for the ranges.
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JROTCKid    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3-from the infantry board   1/8/2004 8:16:46 PM
Ive firedthe FAL I believe the Export SLR 888 version? The kit model. I shot about 50 some rounds and I was only impressed by its feel and not the Bolt on the wrong side of the rifle . (Is that a european thing to put all things to the left?)Im a die Hard M1 M1A fan because I love the Rotating bolt idea and I like the garand Loading system as long as I have the clips pre loaded. Doesnt the FAl Load from the top with a 20 rd stripper ?
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JROTCKid    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3-from the infantry board   1/8/2004 8:17:36 PM
PS the one I shot had the Mag Welded in BATF regs because it was post ban
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ChdNorm    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3-from the infantry board   1/8/2004 10:32:16 PM
Worcester ... Good post, I hadnt realized that there was that the CZ connection between the two. Your point about the balance of the G-3 and it relating to select fire controlability is interesting, I've never fired a G-3 on full auto so I guess that elluded me. JROTC ... That must have been one of the kitchen table built "Franken-FALs" floating around. FALs take a 20rd detachable mag even in the standard post-ban configuration. There are additional restrictions in California which do away with the detachable magazine altogether in order to meet other criteria, but the FAL is not restricted to a non-detachable magazine anywhere else (maybe New Jersey?) in the US. Most kit built FALs/L1A1s available today are rebuilt using a specific number (I think its 7) of domestictly produced parts in order to be BATF compliant. This allows the use of of detachable mags on semi autos in conjuction with other such evil features as pistol grips. If you look at a FAL as currently produced by someone like DSA, and a pre-ban FN side by side ... you'll find very little difference. As far as the 20rd stripper clips ... all I've ever seen are 5 rounders that are used in conjunction with a guide for charging mags. I know the T-48 versions had charger guides built into the top cover, I'm not sure the standard FAL does though.
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Sniper Bait    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3   1/9/2004 1:58:36 PM
I have personaly shot and ownded the G3 (horrid clones and HK91s) and L1a1 and FALs and M1As. Under casual shooting conditions, IE no "bad men" chasing little ole' me, any are all fun to shoot. Peronsal feel and "cool appeal" are prob biggest factors in choosing for people. The G3 is like working a one armed bandit all day. The charging handle looks cool sliding home like on a bad SWAT or Delta Force type movie, but I found them to be way too noisy and akward to use and I am 6'1" 195lbs. The mag release is small out of reach and too stiff in my opinion. The safety and trigger are horrid, unless you buy a PSG1 trigger unit ($500 plus). The barrel on the G3 over heats too quickly even for us looser semi auto owners. You can't reload 9/10s of the brass since most of it ends up looking like "brass bananas". I once watched a HK rep try to take apart a HK91 bolt on a HK91 a person had purchased and could not disassemble. He gave up after 30min. I can take them apart in anywhere from 10seconds to 10min depending upon the particular gun I am disassembling. Militarily the G3 is a great bang for the buck, like a AK-47. Cheap sheet metal with a very hard to replace barrel setup. Only problem with sheet metal guns is to remember not to drop them onto to sharp or hard of an object. One good dent and that heavy bolt carrier will stick. (NO known reports of this personally known to me thou) I have had feed problems with personal guns. This was related to particular ammuntion not likeing the HK German mags feed lips and no feed ramp. The bullet must literally jump from mag to chamber. ALso, I have had other "NATO spec" ammo that the G3 hated, but mostly was south american black burning garbage. Actual good things to say. German made. Need I say more. It is fun to shoot and its simple mechanisms are very reliable. Parts easily available. I do not however see it as having much of a future in that it is very difficult to make a SOPMOD for it. Expandibility of design without a better scope system than the claw type is needed. Basically it is the a ak-47 without the reliable ak-47 long piston stroke rotary bolt system. The FAL/L1a1 has great ergonomics, second only to a ("gasp!") AR/M-16 type rifle. Bolt release, safety, Op rod, and mag release can be worked intuitively If you happen to own a later model Belgium FAL the mag well dimensions allow any good magazine to easily drop free. Add the Israeli style larger mag release and you truely can just push and have the mag drop away. (Unlike any Galil which leaves me feeling like I am driving my finger bone through the skin after only a couple of mag changes.) This is not true for converted BREN L4a1 mags which tend to stick in place. My franken-Fal STG58 made by DSA is a well made receiver but no mag has yet to fall out of its tight match dimension mag well. (Don't know is original FAL STG58 or TYPE I or TYPE II have this quirk too) THe L1a1 I owned was from some middle eastern country I forget so it had the sand cuts and wood furniture. The FAL's adjustable gas system, good ergonomics, super cheaps parts and mags, and ability to configure 6 ways to Sunday make it for me the best all around military "Main Battle Rifle" It ability to digest the myriad of supposedly "NATO spec 7.62mm" could have been a real life saver if WWIII went hot. The trigger can be made aceptable, but the FAL will never come close to a good match M14 or PSG1 for the designated marksmen/ spotter role. NOTE: The reason the handle is on the left side is not a "European Thing" in so much that FN bought from Browning a license to build the BAR and many other of his designs. Like many other later FN designs, it borrows on design principles of earlier Browning designs. The BAR has a left side "op rod". Even today many consider the right side operated M1/M14 as being on the "wrong side". I think it is mostly preference. Also, the Mag 58 (M240) action is the a modified BAR action flipped upside down. Most all designs are ripped off from earlier inovaters. Like the AR-18 in my AUGs, in G36, in SA80, etc. The M14 is a great rifle. It has been much loved and hated. My father trained on it in the Navy before he went to the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam 66-68. All he could remember was that it was too heavy for the humid environment of Vietnam. Later he carried a M2/3? full auto carbine. Then he got his Mattel Special. He was very glad that he never had to fire it because he was the front turret gunner on one of those "Apocolypse Now" type fiber glass jet boats. I digress. Of the 5 commercial M1a's I have owned all fire well, rarely jammed, cleaned easily, and never gave me too much problems. I once had a out of milspec GI gas piston ruin a good TRW op rod, but that wasn't the gun designs fault, rather it was a bad run of contract gas pistons. With a GI barrel and a fiberglass stock the M14 "feels" pounds lighter the G3 or FAL. I like the inlin
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Sniper Bait    RE:FN FAL vs H&K G3A3- P.S.   1/9/2004 2:10:00 PM
Hope last post wasn't too disjointed. I have was recalling a myriad of personal memories, opinions, and information that was passed onto me. In case you haven't seen it yet the SOPMOD m14 can be seen at I think Troy offers to convert commercial m14 copies too.
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