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Subject: Italy Rearms
SYSOP    3/3/2024 12:21:07 AM
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ReticulatedSplines       3/3/2024 6:33:14 AM
Question (for anyone): "Stormbreakers cost about $200,000 each", "Italy's... receiving $150 million worth Stormbreaker guided bombs. This includes 173 Stormbreaker bombs." $200k x 173 = $34.6M, not $150M. What is the discrepancy? I get that such a contract would include a maintenance and support cost, but multiplied by a factor of four?
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voland       3/5/2024 8:27:54 AM
I think you misread this statement: "This includes 173 Stormbreaker bombs for use with the F-35 aircraft." Stormbreaker can be used with other aircraft too.
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Toryu88       3/5/2024 9:14:47 AM
Glad to see that the Western Europeans are beginning to pay their own way after what? 70 plus years of getting a free ride on the back of American taxpayers? It can't come too soon.
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