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Subject: Ukraine Maximizes and Militarizes Competition
SYSOP    11/28/2023 1:27:16 AM
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voland       11/28/2023 9:43:51 AM
The post is misleading. It paints the picture of a weapons manufacturing powerhouse that just needs a bit of stimulation and is getting it. That is incorrect for the period of 1991-2014. During that period, after obtaining independence, Ukraine as a country thought that they were safe from Russia, did not need weapons, and did not need the military. Military service was "for the stupid," military supplies were sold off, the few new developments that still existed were driven by the need to outsell the Russians, and all that was accompanied by the general looting of the Russian type: corruption through and through. The development and manufacturing skills remained but were seriously degraded. That changed in 2014 to an extent. It changed radically in 2022.
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