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Subject: Russian Military Medical Health Care Mess
SYSOP    2/19/2024 1:00:01 AM
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voland       2/20/2024 3:31:00 PM
"Second, there's the high intelligence and skill levels of the volunteer military. High enlistment standards have largely gone unnoticed by most people, but within the military it is well known that combat troops are much brighter than at any time in the past and can handle more complex equipment and techniques." That was true until Biden's presidency. Today, the quality of the enlisted personnel is very low, and the number of those willing to sign up is below the minimum required. Read your own articles on the subject. If you try hard, you can destroy even the best military organization.
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Toryu88       2/22/2024 7:00:35 AM
A great deal of what Mr. Voland states is due to the politicization of the US Military. The Pentagon generals are too busy doing social engineering experiments. The services have become too "woke" and white who are in the qualified age groups for service are noticing it. They don't want any part of it so all the services are failing to meet their recruitment goals and are falling short in the tens of thousands. So they hold out the carrot of fast tracked citizenship to illegal immigrants with no loyalty to the US. This didn't work for the Romans who offered the Visigoths the same thing, and they ultimately sacked and looted Rome for the first time in the empire's history. I grew up around the US Air Force for 24 years and sorry, the military has never been a bastion of "the best and brightest." Not by a longshot. Its just government propaganda. Look at the history of recruitment in the volunteer army. They have all the recruits they can handle, when things suck in the civilian sector and they can't buy volunteers when things are bad. It is telling that now with the economy sucking wind, they still can't bet enough volunteers. Hell the Navy can't even man all the ships that they have commissioned. While the troops might be bright enough to operate sophisticated equipment, the military who invented the Adult Education system other wise known as VoTech training, has a knack for training even the lowest common denominator by intensive training, and repetition. Its the same way you use to train your dog, if you bother to.
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