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Subject: Inmun Gun is Wasting Away
SYSOP    5/28/2023 6:28:49 AM
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voland       5/28/2023 6:09:08 PM
If all this is true, the best option would be for the S.Korea to administer a massive strike on the concentrations along the DMZ along with deep strikes on C&C centers and watch the N.K. troops desert the front lines. They just might prefer the capture to "dying for the country's glory."
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grumblesa10       6/2/2023 11:29:06 AM
The danger of any mass strike is that without neutralizing their WMD stocks, the psychopathic family in charge would not hesitate to launch against civilian population centers in the South.
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Toryu88       6/4/2023 8:32:15 AM
Anyone see a similarity between NK and Iraq under Saddam? He had the "world's fourth largest army," on paper anyway. But the first Gulf War showed that it was a hollow army and the front line soldiers deserted en masse when the fighting started. I wouldn't be surprised if the NK army behaved in the same way. If in the initial hours the Command and Control could be crushed, and with the nut job and sycophants in leadership positions dead, cooler heads lower in the chain of command, no longer fearing for their lives and those of their families, might prevail and no nukes would be launched.
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