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Subject: Old School Solutions Come Up Short
SYSOP    7/3/2022 5:43:46 AM
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Docduracoat       7/7/2022 9:03:13 AM
To Tory88, Ukraine attacking targets inside Russia will allow Putin to declarer a war and send in the massive conscript army he cannot use now. That would be a huge mistake for Ukraine. I don't know what is wrong with the armchair generals at Strategy Page. Putins' Hail Mary strike at Kiev failed. So now the Russians are making slow but steady progress using massive artillery bombardment followed by infantry claiming the rubble. Ukraine Himars rockets and drones are unable to stop such massive attacks. I am certain Putin will take therest of Donbas and declare victory. He will have his land corridor to the Crimean peninsula and a Russian favoring population. To try to take more would result in a quagmire of partisan attacks funded by NATO. I see no way for Ukraine to hold Donbas, even with the timidity of Russian troops and inferiority of Russian weapons.
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