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Subject: Successfully Surviving Sanctions
SYSOP    11/26/2023 1:00:43 AM
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Toryu88       11/26/2023 9:14:34 AM
Again nothing changes in Russia. They have gone back to shoddy work practices. In WWII the average road life of a brand new T-34 tank was 300 miles before it needed a new or overhauled engine. So the US sent quality control engineers to Russia to help them improve their manufacturing processes. Fifty years of communism later and thirty years of commu-capitalism has led them apparently right back to where they were eighty years ago.
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voland       11/27/2023 8:06:35 AM
Actually, the effect of the US assistance was minimal. Local pressures everyone quality requirements. And it wasn't just the tanks or the engines.
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Cracker       11/27/2023 10:40:48 AM
Voland, Could you clarify that comment? Are you referring to QC engineers on the tanks or are you referring to overall allied assistance to USSR?
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