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Subject: Boeing Blunders Big Time
SYSOP    7/20/2019 6:01:00 AM
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trenchsol       7/20/2019 8:54:05 AM
Maybe it is a sabotage of some form. Boeing is a major defense contractor. Russia, China, Iran.... a lot of interested parties. Cyber attack or human infiltration.
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Void Random       7/21/2019 7:33:34 AM
Nothing so convoluted. When Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merged, MacDac basically took over Boeing as their boardroom was better at internal politics, effectively a reverse takeover. Think of the current Boeing as McDonnell Douglas in a Boeing suit. The long term result of this is the degradation in Boeing engineering excellence and a shortsighted management.
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trenchsol       7/21/2019 12:13:43 PM
MDD created Eagle (F-15). Years before Boeing. How could they do it if they were such slackers ?
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giblets       7/22/2019 5:10:32 AM
People and Boeing are still blaming everyone but Boeing!! (blame MDD, blame Airbus, blame Lockheed Martin, blame Bombardier!). This is a simple case of 'shareholder value', the customer can go hang. They have a belief that the government 'owes' them support (tanker, airbus, bombardier, Danish fighter competition etc). The 737 Max was a desperate move to not lose contracts to Airbus, they didn't want to pay for a new airframe (shareholders wouldn't be happy) , so reused the 60's era frame AGAIN (the irony is it's now cost more than a new design).they rushed development and cut corners to reduce cost and time. The 767 won a corrupt process, then lost against Airbus kc45, so went legal and got it rewritten, and bid below any profitable level, in the belief that the air force/ government would cover any additional costs (i.e the actually commercial cost), like they always do. The Airforce stood their ground! (good on them!), keeping to the initial development cost of $4.9B, Boeing has now overrun this by a further $4.5b paid out of it's own pocket (on an order of 18 aircraft at $150m each!!)! The refueling pods....if anyone recalls.... they were a huge issue on the Italian 767 tanker (the Japanese 767 tankers only have the boom)...causing a 6 year delay in the programme. In order to save money on the USAF competition, Boeing changed supplier from Smiths to Chobham.....
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