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Subject: Terrorist nucs    7/24/2001 7:48:43 AM
It will be a lot harder to get away with putting a nuc on a tramp freighter then to do it. Good detective work will determine where the Ship came from and sombody will get a visit from a Peacekeeper. While I doubt that the Times editors will find a nuclear attack on the USA as a cause for war, They don't have to face the voters. Plus the ship with a nuc in it is a suicide mission, one that your average sailor will not want to participate in. The chance of getting a cargo that is small but heavy on a ship that the crew doesn't know about is slim to none. A ship full of ignorant sheep-herdders is going to end up broke down and adrift, waiting for the Coast Guard. Then We have the trust factor. Who Does Sadam or Kadafi trust with the keys to his shiney new nuke? On a suicide run. The novelist never covers the practicle problems that real life presents us.
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