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Subject: possible nuclear exchange between U.S and PRC
NomadSoul    6/20/2004 12:10:38 AM
tell me what you think about this one.
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NomadSoul    RE:possible nuclear exchange between U.S and PRC   6/22/2004 5:42:12 AM
if CCP decide to nuke U.S overseas asset, we should hit theirs accordingly
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gf0012-aust    one for one - NomadSoul   6/22/2004 5:46:41 AM
I think you'll find that this covered under a reciprocity philosophy - or has this changed??
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Warhammer    RE:one for one - NomadSoul   6/22/2004 9:35:22 AM
Actually, I don't think we would go one for one. We would feel obligated to hurt themfar more than they hurt us. I think we might nuke all their shipping for a single attack on a carrier, and probably detonate high in their atmosphere to EMP them. Probably do a full nuclear strike on their silos too. I think a Trident could take out all their nuclear capability before they realized that the crazy Americans really were doing a full retalitory strike.
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slowball    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:09:45 PM
Setting aside the issue of a US nuclear response for a minute... I would think that a nuclear attack against a CVBG in Taiwan Straits would leave China in a worse position than a conventional attack. Chinese military equipment /installations/communications are more vulnerable to EMP affects than US equipment and worse, the warhead would detonate at low level within 50 miles of China's shoreline. This would cripple China and leave them vulnerable to a subsequent US attack.
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hybrid    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:12:32 PM
Slowball I think you need to reread what I said about congress. I said they already PRE-APPROVED a retaliation nuke strike for ANY nuclear event. This has been true since we basically had nukes to begin with. That decision hasn't changed. The final decision is with the pres as usual, just the time that he has to make his decision is so short that it leaves virtually no option but to respond as not responding could be considered the worse option.
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hybrid    RE:one for one - NomadSoul   6/22/2004 10:14:16 PM
If we're using the MAD theory of deterrence it isn't one for one. Its "You launch one nuke, then I launch all of mine", no ifs ands or buts included. Proportionality basically goes out the window in this kind of situation.
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dudley    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:19:54 PM
Reciprocity wont do gf00 unless chinese go nuclear.Its my belief that if china were to say sink a carrier,there might be a position of the US to just attack shipping or air assets of china to avoid suicide on both countries.A vietnamazation of the conflict with an understanding?
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dudley    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:22:56 PM
Im not sure how it would play out but with japan and korea involved plus the phillipines,Aussies,it be hard not to just kick their asses back to democracy.
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slowball    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:40:42 PM
Hybrid,I think we're misunderstanding each other here. I reread your post and see that I missed something, please do the same with mine because you are missing something as well. If China launched a TBM against CVBG in Taiwan Straits, the President would not know about it until about 5-10 minutes AFTER the event. From launch to impact would be 2 minutes and we would not know it was a nuke until after detonation. Yes, Congress has approved nuclear retaliation. However, that was not what I was getting at. The President would still have to make the decision on whether or not to use a nuclear response. Declining to respond in kind may or may not cause the President to lose re-election, but a Pres. should do what HE thinks is the right thing regardless of the voters (and most do)( I'm not advocating either response here, because that's another thread).
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NomadSoul    RE: Nuclear Exchange   6/22/2004 10:46:10 PM
if CCP decide to nuke our assets, we nuke theirs, eye for an eye, simple as that!
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