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Subject: Been thinking, 1973 Yum Kipur war
CommanderN    1/16/2004 12:28:50 AM
Don't know how many of you laddies know about this war, but you very much have to understand that you live today since that war has ended better than anticipated. Much like the Bay OF Pigs, 1973 war had nuclear weaponary involved. ISrael had 4-8 figher planes (American Phantoms) carrying Nuclear packages messing around the Arab Countries border with 1 general direction: Arab Capitals. If Israeli Defenses were to be breached by arab forces, who knows what Med-Eastern nuclear mayhem may have evolved. Now its the 2004 year. 31 years later. Nukes have evolved drastically. More countries now own them. Could anyone imagine what would go on if something like Terminator 3 ending happens? :)
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gf0012-aus    RE:Been thinking, 1973 Yum Kipur war   1/16/2004 12:43:13 AM
IIRC there have been something like nearly a dozen events in the last 30 years where we were close to seeing a nuclear release, either deliberately or by accident. I think that there is probably some ambivalence about such events.
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