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Subject: advantage of nuclear weopons    9/4/2002 3:02:37 AM
sir, kindly submit me a article on anvantage of nuclear weopons
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:advantage of nuclear weopons    9/4/2002 3:06:04 AM
what are advantage of nuclear weopons
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macawman    RE:advantage of nuclear weopons    9/5/2002 3:53:31 PM
A bigger hole in the ground from a smaller package. A manpackabe nuclear device can have a 2 to 3 kiloton explosive yield.
Quote    Reply    RE:advantage of nuclear weopons    9/16/2002 6:41:48 PM
The advantages? How about incredible destructive force? How about the ability to deter your enemy from even THINKING about attacking you? By the way, you might want to consider some classes in spelling before you post on this board, you ignorant fool.
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