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Subject: Missle Defense System and a new arms race
Dan Masterson    5/7/2001 12:02:38 PM
Will Bush's Missle Defense System research proposal cause a new arms race? At the moment the Chineses only have a couple of dozen ICBMs. Will the Bush Administration proposal cause them to build more?
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Paljoey767    RE:Missle Defense System and a new arms race   5/7/2001 1:52:07 PM
Its amazing to me that people in this country think we ought to try to appease every nation on the globe."well we dont want to make this group angry",or "Gee lets re-think this issue as not to provoke this nation." BULLSH*T!,Since when is it wrong to want to protect yourself in an increasingly hostile world!The MAIN purpose of the missle defense system is to protect ourselves from rogue nations,(Iran,Iraq,North Korea,Libya.and a few others...)I myself am not afraid of an attack from Russia(I still dont trust the Slavic bastards,but thats another story),or China.I dont believe either would want to become a desert for 10,000 years.Its the Muslim fanatics that keeps me up at night.We already have the worlds first Islamic bomb(Pakistan,if Iran and Iraq dont already have a few...)My point being we should worry about OUR security and not worry about whether we're gonna piss off the Chinese or Russians.I dont really care,if its another arms race they want to start ,its another arms race we're gonna win.So the end result will be the same.So my advice to them is to shut their mouths and worry about their internal domestic problems.
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evlstu    RE:Missle Defense System and a new arms race   5/8/2001 11:20:38 AM
Question: What do you do when a country launches a nuke at you? Only Russia has enough missles to overwhelm a infant, new missile defense system; so for the forseeable future, if Russia luanches the missiles you can only reply in kind (and hope for the best). Anyone else would have very few missiles available; so that would leave you with two choices: 1)use an anti-missile system of some kind to destroy the nuke, or; 2)let their nuke hit killing untold thousands or millions of people then melt the enemy country; even though the enemy has only a handful of weapons and probibly used most (or all) of them, never mind the fact that their government most likely rules by brute force so that the people we'd kill aren't the people responsible for nuke launch anyhow (I can't think of a single democracy that would get so mad at us as to launch a nuke), and forget about our friends in that area who are in the area of effect (i.e. downwind from) all that radiation. OH WAIT A MINUTE. YOU DON'T HAVE A MISSILE DEFENCE SYSTEM because you couldn't deal with the changing dynamics of international politics or you didn't want to offend anyone (how touchy feely nice you are). I GUESS ALOT OF INNOCIENT PEOPLE GOT TO DIE.
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emile    RE:Missle Defense System and a new arms race   12/5/2001 5:16:54 PM
the missle defense system would not only take years to build (and suspicious countires during that time period aren't just going to sit by and watch), but it would also cost billions of dollars and in the hands of Bush, I wouldn't trust its effectiveness anyway. An even better way to prevent the deaths of innocent people is to promote peace in the first place. If that doesn't work, the billions of dollars in our more than adequate existing war defense technology will prevent "every innocent person in America" from being blasted off the continent overnight.
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