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Subject: Yankee Fascism
RF    8/7/2002 3:01:31 AM
Yankees should better destroy their nukes while Russians still agree (1700 for each side is More than enough). Amerkins, in case u don't know, it's not cool anymore to claim that you can blow up the world more times than them. And forget the stupid Star Wars, it's all stupid and the MIC budget already is 400 Billion! GL
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:Yankee Fascism   9/16/2002 6:38:22 PM
You sound highly intelligent---NOT. The United States maintains a nuclear force to discourage the communists from acting stupidly and launching a strike. It's called Mutual Assured Destruction or MAD, and apparently you are too ignorant to know this. Have a nice day.
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Cowboy1    RE:Yankee Fascism   12/26/2004 7:40:42 PM
Yea that is a great idea! The US disarms itself and leaves Russia, who has killed tens of millions of it's own people, and with communism sought to dominate the world, to have at it's option a "first strike" nuclear option/blackmale!!! Yea, lets do that!
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w23ti    RE:Yankee Fascism   2/21/2005 11:03:12 AM
If I may, the communist in Russia became the minority party of the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Thus your comment of "keeping the communist...." actually makes no sense as the communists are not in charge of the government, nor or they in charge of the nuclear command and control. However, you have anger toward the U.S. and that's a bit distressing, as your country is probably one that we as a nation helped out in the past century, regardless of basis of government or religion. And, as "...we'd better destroy our nukes..." makes me wonder what great power is threatening us that we need to destroy our weapons before all is lost?
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Enzo    RE:Yankee Fascism   3/2/2005 4:01:48 PM
Yankee Fascism? You must be a Red Sox fan... I agree, the New York Yankees get away with spending too much money
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violentnuke    RE:Yankee Fascism   8/19/2005 7:31:16 PM
Fascism, slavery, communism, all these are loose terms. We dunno what you mean exactly. As for the inevitable "antifascist" communist paradize, we all know the only inevitable in life is death, the only equality and equalizer in the world is death. For sure fascists like to keep living while others die on the side, and that is a form of extreme social discrimination, one very much enjoyed by so called "antifascists". And no, the world is not destroyed by 20,000 ICBMs. It's called calculated risk.
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Ozamist    Not all americans are yankess please do not confuse us with the yanks   8/20/2005 5:14:35 PM
For one i am very pissed that all of the people overseas consider the south yankess also im sorry we are not we have not forgotten the civil war we are not yankees we are rebels if your gonna call us a name call us rebels and the north yanks get it right any way rf you must have been brainwashed very much :D you think one lil word you say is going to make the public say oooo lets disarm ahahha your retarded
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