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Subject: Hyperbaric weapons
Fred    5/14/2002 8:28:03 PM
There is a new family of fuel air explosives out that seem to emphasize the ability to destroy caves and hardenned facilities. Do they have sufficent strength to warrant placing on some IcBMs for a quick reation to a possible wmd threat. This would be a reaction inhours or minutes that could put a hell of a dent in someones day.
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september11    RE:Hyperbaric weapons   1/21/2003 10:15:30 PM
Where else are there more information on this hyperbaric weapon?
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Kalashnikov    RE:Hyperbaric weapons   4/6/2003 11:53:05 AM
That would probably depend on the size of the charge. The "Daisy Cutter" bombs used in Afghanistan MAY be useful in that purpose. The real problem is delivery. Most nuclear nations are also nations with excellent air defense (USSR former, China, America, N. Korea [possibly]). Sounds like something someone's military should try to develop, perhaps place it on a cruise missile.
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bsl    RE:Hyperbaric weapons   4/6/2003 5:05:54 PM
The Daisy Cutter was an unwieldy weapon, unguided, which had to be shoved out the back of a cargo aircraft. Literally so. The current weapon is a real bomb, which has a guidance package which makes it both steerable in descent and precise in targeting. You still need pretty good control of the airspace to bring it in, but this generation of weapon is much more practical to use than the first was. If there's a need, a new generation can be made as a real standoff weapon, although one expects it would be a low speed weapon, so it might be susceptible to being shot down.
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Canuckmeister    RE:Hyperbaric weapons   11/17/2004 10:13:09 AM
You can get more info on these at They are really nifty. The discussion about modifying a 40-ton ICBM into a hyperbaric is absurd. They are not nuclear at all, and are in fact totally conventional. They also do not compare in any way to the daisy cutter. They are precision targeted earth penetrators, being carried on platforms like the F-15E, and not totally unlike a GBU-15 laser guided bomb. Here's where they're unique however: they penetrate up to 30 feet of solid concrete, and much greater depths than that if its just earth, then they release something akin to gas into the cave, and a little spark goes "click". The result is that an underground bunker complex of caves, even several hundred yards in length, is suddenly subjected to real intense bar-b-que. It's for incinerating ordinance and people being stored/hiding in caves. It was designed for O. Bin Laden and friends. A few F-15E's could deliver dozens of these small yet effective weapons. They are not strategic or nuclear, or inter-continental in their mentality at all: they are a battlefield strike weapon. They are, however, specifically designed for caves and underground bunkers, and their destructive ability is totally unlike the Daisy Cutter, which was a whopping concussion force bomb originally invented to clear large areas of jungle in 'Nam. Think of the hyberbaric bombs as "underground napalm". They are a fuel-air bomb that will never, I repeat never, be placed in an ICBM, but rather delivered by in-theater strike aircraft.
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Yimmy    RE:Hyperbaric weapons   11/17/2004 1:11:09 PM
If you start throwing ICBM's around, I would ssay there would be a risk of some Joe foreigner getting the wrong end of the stick and starting shooting off his own missiles with the real thing inside.
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