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Subject: Sentinel Replacing Minuteman
SYSOP    11/29/2023 2:31:39 AM
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Fanatic       11/29/2023 2:43:50 AM
What are you specifically referring to as political correctness?
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voland       11/29/2023 10:05:29 AM
@Fanatic You are not going to get an answer from the author. It isn't done here. I remember reading in the 90s that getting assigned to ICBM force was a career ending posting. One cannot expect anything good from people who are on the way out. Lack of discipline, from what I hear, is everywhere in the military. I watched a YT video a month ago about training of drill instructors and it was like watching Police Academy. They are so sensitive, gentle with each other, so fat and looking useless... In my experience, it means dead in action. God help us.
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grumblesa10       12/1/2023 10:43:44 AM
Part of the issue is that many missileers are there either because they washed out of flying training, or their primary picks of career fields weren't available/full upon commissioning. This doesn't help morale. Neither ironically does bringing back a missileer badge, for the simple reason that in the larger AF, missileers are looked at as the equivalent of AV nerds in HS: they think they're cool but everyone else knows they aren't. That's how it is... Having said all that, a major issue is the work load: 24 hour shifts, CONSTANT no notice inspections and academics tests on top of normal exercises. All of which require a lot of precious spare time to prepare for (that might be used for say...leave or family time ridiculous stuff like that) . This is complicated by the 1980s era level of tech they have to use which was accurately pointed out in the article. GO's have NO fix-actions, because they either were never missileers (nearly all GOs are rated pilots, navs, or Air Battle Managers) or as usual are too afraid of their own careers and being looked at as "troublemakers" by other AF GOs to stand up and admit that a: there is a problem and b: propose some radical changes to address them.
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