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Subject: Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine    4/29/2002 7:00:42 PM
Looking for materials on above topic(s) for my thesis. Electronic format preferred.
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pfd    RE:Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine   4/30/2002 11:22:00 AM
It has probably changed as much as our's should have. Don't count on it.
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ghettovet    RE:Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine   2/25/2004 6:42:40 PM
Soviet military doctrine used to stress sheer numbers. Because their technology was never as good as ours, they required more of everything.
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gf0012-aus    RE:Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine   2/25/2004 8:45:42 PM
In light of the fact that both Russia and the US have retargetted the strike sites in each others country after 1989, it will be an interesting theseis. the geo political shift has had a dramatic impact on the tactical. whats the crux of the paper?
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Carl D.    RE:Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine   2/28/2004 4:01:07 AM
I noticed a story this week that the Russians are looking at building more ICBMs instead of modernizing their conventional forces for defending their territory. Seems to be in-line with some of their publicized war games where the defending force, after being forced back fighting a force with superior numbers and equipment (NATO/EU) have called in nuclear strikes on the aggressor forces. Considering what happened in Russia after the German invasion in '41, I could see where this might be an acceptable plan. GBW111, I know that this might be a long shot, but have you tried contacting the Russian Embassy? All they can say is either no or give you some information, right or wrong. It's worth at least an email.
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Carl D.    RE:Russian/Soviet Nuclear Doctrine   3/21/2004 8:27:43 PM
Should have thought of this when I saw your post, check FAS, Global and RAND. Best of luck.
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