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Subject: Interesting details about India's Agni III
Alexis    6/10/2007 5:33:50 PM
A detailed technical study about the new Indian Agni III ICBM, with some comparisons to the French M51 SLBM: (in 4 parts) I wonder how well these details reflect the reality of Indian IRBM / ICBM program and its perspectives. But as far as I can tell this looks very credible.
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Alexis    The LINK !   6/10/2007 5:35:03 PM
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french stratege       6/10/2007 6:22:28 PM
Very interesting indeed.India will belong in 15 years (once they have build their SSBN) to the major power camp and will exceed UK capabilities because of independance of their deterrent.
Interesting comparison with our M51.However they mentionned a 8000+ km range with 1400 kg.Normally we could put 9 TN 71 with that payload.I guess our M51 is full of decoys!
Interesting capability of 16000 km with two warheads for M51.
Six MIRV TN-70/71 warheads are used to arm each MSBS M4A and M4B SLBM. Both warheads have a yield of 150 kt. The TN-70 weighs less than 200 kg, the TN-71 less than 175 kg. This makes the TN-71 (stockpiled starting in 1985) roughly similar to the U.S. W-76 Trident warhead (stockpiled starting in 1978) in size and yield.

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Herald1234    Interesting.   6/10/2007 7:48:59 PM
Wonder if the claims are true; or if this is projected development.
One thing is certain, the article author knows the GENERAL outline of his subject.
Specifics? Eh. There are errors.
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blitZ       6/11/2007 8:09:47 PM
I had read this report a month ago, but most of the details just went over my head[im bad at technicalities]. The only thing that stuck was the 'range' of the Agni 3, which according to the article is easily above 5000km. When the A3 was tested this year, Russian news reports stated the range above 4000km. Indian news agencies stated it above 3000km. Someone is playing deception here.
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