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Subject: We need NMD!    1/17/2001 8:13:56 PM
After the past 8 years of allowing theft by foreign governments, we need an NMD more than ever. Don't you people wonder WHY China and Russia are against it? It doesn't strike you as odd that some countries don't want us to be able to defend ourselves? It is defensive, not a threat to mankind. Since China has and boasts of having nukes aimed at us, we need something to shoot them down. Patriot isn' designed for this; we are totally vulnerable. If you are against a national defense, you must be pro nuclear attack. And ignorant of world politics.
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:We need NMD!   1/22/2001 7:46:43 PM
Tes we do need a missle defence system for too long our country has bee left open to enemy attacks and its about time we stopped listening to the draftdodging pot head of the 70s and gave our nation a adiqute defense screen
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R.P.    RE:We need NMD!..really !   1/24/2001 11:26:52 PM
do you yourself ever wonder why all US nukes are always classified as defensive and all the rest are supposed to be offensive.. if you get the poit perhaps you'll know why the rest of the world is up in arms against the NMD.
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