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Subject: Ukraine grants TBM system approval
Softwar    2/28/2007 10:57:05 AM
"" Ukraine grants TBM system approval The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has completed its technical requirements for the development of the new tactical ballistic missile (TBM) system, Colonel-General Serhiy Kirichenko, chief of staff of the Armed Forces, stated on 14 February. "We have determined what missile system is needed for the Armed Forces and have come up with its specifications," Kirichenko told a press conference. The formal decision to re-establish a ballistic-missile capability was taken at a National Security and Defence Council meeting in March 2006. As a result, the 2007 state budget allocated funding for the system's development. Development is expected to cost the equivalent of USD350 million. Construction of prototypes will take several years, said Kirichenko, and the system could enter service around 2011. Its range will be limited to 300 km, but should the INF Treaty be terminated by a Russian withdrawal, some Ukrainians argue that the development of longer-range systems should be considered. ----------- My thought here is that the Uks missiles will not be pointed west toward NATO. The grumble from the bears in Moscow over the ABM in Poland and Czech may have backfired.
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