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Subject: A Change in the French Nuclear Doctrine ?
ISRIA.COM    1/28/2006 10:48:37 AM
French president Jacques Chirac stated that France could use of non-conventional weapons against the States and/or the States supporting terrorist groups attacking the vital interests of France. Does this declaration mark a change or a slight shift in the French policy of deterrence? Does France also admit the controversial American theory of “Rogue States”? What is the use of such a statement? If the statement of Jacques Chirac led to many comments, not always favorable, in particular abroad were either to translate it as a warning to Iran or like a political awkwardness able to reinforce the “Rogue States” in their nuclear ambitions. Read more here :
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french stratege    It is not really a change.   1/28/2006 2:14:56 PM
It is not really a change. He has said only what is obvious for years considering evolution of our weapon toward more accuracy, reduced/variable yields warheads and improved targeting using satellites (M45, TNO, ASMP, Hades, TN90 ...) You can notice that moderate left did say nothing about Chirac statement and did not exploited it. Chirac speech is only a warning for Iranians and other state supporting terrorist groups and in internal effect, towards French to remember necessity of nuclear weapons. Doctrine is only a verbal declaration.What matters really, and all governement know that, are capabilities.In real war, former verbal declarations do not count. France doctrine is volontarly vague. There is 30 years that our REAL doctrine is counter force, first to industry and some startegic targets (airfields, harbours) then with increase of accuracy , toward more hardened targets. All experts know that France is developping new generation of warheads like US (bunker buster, enhanced effect weapons, reduced yields weapons) just in case.
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