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Subject: Unreliable NMD faces a budget hit
Alexis    2/10/2005 4:45:01 AM "Star Wars Faces a Budget Hit Unreliability is just one reason why funding is being cut. The other is the changing nature of potential threats to U.S. security (...) Such woes could be part of the reason missile defense is heading toward a 10% cut in its 2006 budget, to $8.8 billion. (...) "NO DEMONSTRATED CAPABILITY." Since then, despite the roughly $10 billion a year that has poured into the program, Rumsfeld has conceded the system doesn't have to be 100% effective. It just has to work well enough to change the calculation of an enemy thinking about lofting a missile at Los Angeles or New York. Problem is, it doesn't even seem capable of doing that, as the December test showed. (...) What's more, every time there is an attempt to intercept a missile, the target carries a beacon to tell the interceptor where it is -- a service an enemy isn't likely to offer. (...) The way it's looking now, the proposed cuts in Star Wars may well have a better chance of succeeding than the system's missiles." Watch the decisions that will be taken regarding cuting this budget.
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   RE:Unreliable NMD faces a budget hit   2/11/2005 9:47:07 PM
The 10% hit is clever politicking. The NMD deployment schedule is unchanged, meaning theyre requesting less cash for the same product. Expect the lost funds to be collected later, after the program runs (queue gasp) overbudget. Pentagon smart!.
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