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Subject: offensive guerilla warfare ? possible or not ?
interestred    12/27/2004 8:35:35 AM
i been thinking abt it for a while. what is the best way to counter a US style offensive ? (domination in technology and hardware, huge firepower, but low in human involvement). one way is guerilla warfare to counter it. i think it can be compared to water. when the mighty american fist hits u, instead of opposing it n breaking as a result, yield around it, and when the fist retracts, come back, just like water. no1 can match the US in planes v plnes, tanks v tanks, bombs v bombs etc. but why even try it ? suppose u have to bomb a US HQ. 2 ways to do it, either how the US will do it. get bombers, fighters, AWACs, go n bomb it. but its a very tech intensive tactic, low on human involvement. there is another way, like the 'terrorists' do it, infiltration, but with a lot more complex planning and a lot more rescources. it takes a lot of time and patience, but it can also achieve the same objective. without almost nothing in terms of material costs. all that those terrorists would need is good communication equipment, a good plan, intimate knowledge of terrain, but nothing realy obvious, and exploit the only advantage they have. now i kno, guerilla warfare is a very effective way for a defensive war, but is there a way guelrilla war can be fought offensively ? (im having a hard time translating my thoughts into words, cuz english is simply a very limited language)
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