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Subject: Topol & Topol M Missiles
Roman    11/18/2004 7:08:07 AM
So what are the advantages of these missiles over the older Russian/Soviet missiles? Apart from the age of the older systems, why would Russia want to replace them with the SS-27 series? Also, is the SS-27 'merely' a derivative of SS-25 or is it a wholly new design?
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Galderio    RE:Topol & Topol M Missiles   11/18/2004 7:34:07 AM
I can´t help you, but I would like to know if there are any Topol mobile launcher (truck, not rail) in active service. And how many MIRVs or MARVs? it´s new version can carry?
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mr.twister    RE:Topol & Topol M Missiles   11/22/2004 9:25:53 PM
I believe the Topol M missle design was in response to the US's star wars program of the late 80's. Apparently it is chocked full of countermeasures. I got this info from a "frontline" episode on PBS in which a frontline reporter was actually allowed to visit a russian missle command center. I can bet that the Russians are wanting to replace all of their old missles in response to the US fielding the new missle defense system.
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trib    RE:Topol & Topol M Missiles   12/7/2004 3:26:35 AM
the new topol-M seems to be based on a mobile platfor, but the most interresting feature is the new hypersonic warhead, they are made to made sharp moves to prevent anti missiles systems to get a system lock. Seems, it's the new russian response to the actual US missile shield program.
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mr.twister    RE:Topol & Topol M Missiles   12/13/2004 11:49:25 AM
Wait a minute, aren't all MIRV's moving at 17,000 MPH (around mach 25) when they re-enter the atmosphere? This, by definition, would make them a hypersonic warhead. Do you know if they maneuver during midcourse phase or terminal phase?
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vok    RE:Topol & Topol M Missiles   12/22/2004 1:34:26 PM
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