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Subject: US-Russian Missle Deal-More Useless APPEASEMENT!    11/28/2001 2:26:51 AM
If accurate, how is it the US has agreed to NOT formally withdraw from a treaty both its past and recent Democratic-, Republican-, and Democratic-controlled Congresses NEVER FORMALLY APPROVED OF, and to which both the USDOD, US INTEL, and the majority of the Congress itself HAS CLAIMED HAD AND HAS ALREADY BEEN REPEATEDLY VIOLATED BY THE FORMER SOVIET UNION SINCE EVEN BEFORE, AND DURING, AND AFTER ITS NEGOTIATIONS STAGES, AND SIGNINGS BY THE LEADERS OF BOTH SUPERPOWERS. IT STINKS, ITS NUTS, AND ITS C-U-C-K-O-O-O!
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evlstu    RE:US-Russian Missle Deal-More Useless APPEASEMENT!   11/28/2001 11:34:54 AM
Interesting question; that the liberals don't want to answer.
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bsl    RE:US-Russian Missle Deal-More Useless APPEASEMENT!   11/28/2001 8:09:42 PM
You're confusing policy and treaty law. What's going on, if the reports are true, is that the Administration is agreeing to continue to follow the limits in the treaty which, while never ratified, WAS treated by past Administrations as binding. You're right that a treaty not ratified has no legal status in America, under the Constitution. However, the President has huge freedom to create foreign policy and he can as a matter of **policy** agree to abide by limits agreed upon in negotiations with another country. It's not a law. It's not, by terms of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land. But, it is SOMETHING. The Monroe Doctrine was never a treaty, yet it guided American policy for generations. Massive Retaliation was never a treaty, yet, in context, it committed us to going to nuclear war to defeat a Soviet attack on our European allies. (Nope. Not the Nato Treaty, which only spoke of treating an attack on any signatory as an attack on all. It certainly did NOT commit us to using nuclear weapons. Massive retaliation was another thing.) If you're complaining about the President's latitude to conduct foreign policy, then you're jumping on an ancient band wagon. If you're saying there is no basis for him to do this sort of thing, then, as a matter of American practice, you're wrong. The check on the President's freedom of action is, basically, the willingness of Congress to punish him. Deny his legislative program. Refuse to confirm his appointees. Turn down his budget. In the last resort, impeach him.
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SYLVIA    RE:US-Russian Missle Deal-More Useless APPEASEMENT!   2/19/2002 10:15:55 AM
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