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Subject: IMO Space Ops are lacking foresight
norden    6/20/2008 3:26:42 PM
The Shuttle is an amazing technological feat but it seems to me that it is an luxury SUV and we need a cube van. Our manned mars mission is IMHO is kind of stupid when we have a moon with H3, titanium and the expertise to get h2o. Which could make mars missions exponentially less expensive as far as resources. I am no astro-physicist but why cant we get a space staion to orbit earth and when necessary loop out to the moon and return to earths orbit? As a dropship for prepositioned supplies. with the time and resources involved wouldnt a mission to mars from Luna be a hell of a lot cheaper. I heard the argument for not mining the moon but i think its ridiculous. At 1/6 the size of Earth wouldnt it be like saying you cannot build something the size of a strip mall on the entirety of North and South American continents? One more thing the shuttles rockets which we let burn up in the atmosphere are huge. Why couldnt we take those to a high earth orbit and figure out a way to use that real estate. It looks to me like the main booster is about 4000 sq. feet of interior space with a few gallons of gas left in it. Just my opinion feel free to slam it.
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