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Subject: Journey to the moon 2
Herc the Merc    9/20/2005 2:05:23 PM
NASA to get $100billion to go again, this time for a long weekend (4 days)?? Thoughts??
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Journey to the moon 2   9/22/2005 1:11:02 AM
looking at the design of this new 'cough' spaceship stuns me when I think about the money we poured into the shuttle only to arrive back at...Apollo. Werner Von Braun had it all laid out, and we listened to beareaucrats. We deserve our big fat deficit.
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AussieEngineer    RE:Journey to the moon 2   9/22/2005 8:42:10 AM
The space shuttle was a the result of a commitee design process. It tried to do be to much, which just isn't possible. I suspect thats why they canceled the shuttle replacement.
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EW3    RE:Journey to the moon 2   9/22/2005 8:54:28 AM
It's easy to criticise the shuttle in hindsight, but if you had lived through the progression of mercury, gemini, apollo the shuttle made sense. The real problem with the shuttle is that the number of satellite launches did not live up to expectations which would have made the shuttle more affordable. In the beginning I remember that they planned a launch every two weeks. I'm all for manned flight, I think it's part of our destiny as humans. But I have to say to go back to the apollo model is not a step forward. would rather limit manned exploration for now, expand unmanned exploration to take advantage of the economy of scale (10 rovers not just two) and take the money saved and invest in new technologies for future manned missions. Above all we need a cheaper propulsion system to go beyond LEO. It will be very difficult to develop a new propulsion system to get into LEO, but beyond LEO we have options that we need to look at. (This could help with unmanned missions as well.)
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AlbanyRifles    RE:Journey to the moon 2   9/22/2005 9:04:18 AM
Lets do it. The only way we will get to Mars anytime soon is if we have a challenge placed before us a la Kennedy in 61. Need this to get the support and the money....and show people how much their life is better today because of R&D from space exploration.....and I ain't talking just Velcro, TANG and Space Food Sticks (remember those!)
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EW3    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - AR   9/22/2005 9:19:01 AM
Sadly AR we live in a different era. In the 60's the media was a cheerleader for the space program. Remember all the reporters that covered space like Jules Bergman on ABC? Even Walter Concrete got weepy when the first saturn 5 went up and his broadcast booth started falling apart from the vibration. The mercury astronauts were heroes. Now we don't have heroes. We have the anti-hero culture. That mentality is dying out though, and I hope I live long enough to see it go back to the way it was.
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AlbanyRifles    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - EW   9/22/2005 11:04:53 AM
But that is my point....Kennedy knew full well what he was doing when he made the challenge. It lit an enormous fire. And even the most jaded of the TV networks still would go to live shots of Shuttle take offs and landings. Besides, it is not the medias job to set the agenda or provide the vision and leadership.....that is a political decision. We need to do away with the politics of personnel destruction....on both sides of the aisle.....and then maybe we could get people of charachter and calibre available to run who could inspire us to this.
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Nanheyangrouchuan    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - EW   9/22/2005 11:42:48 AM
"We need to do away with the politics of personnel destruction....on both sides of the aisle.....and then maybe we could get people of charachter and calibre available to run who could inspire us to this." Too bad Powell won't run, and that our country still would have deep seated problems with a black man in office. If the trip is going to be made worthwhile and capture peoples' attention, we ought to be sending basic construction, air and fuel processing equipment up there now. Otherwise this is just another golf trip for a couple of astronauts. Having a couple of rovers up there ahead of time could help stir the fire.
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EW3    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - AR   9/22/2005 12:40:01 PM
If you recall Bush41 also wanted to start a mission to Mars. It went no where. Kennedy was a media darling. It was Camelot. It was a new generation moving forward. It was all BS. The media being the biggest fans of Camelot bought into it. They didn't spend their resources putting it down, they actually were supportive. Compare that to the media view of the shuttle or any other science project since. During Kennedy's era nuclear energy was great, now it gets thumbs down from the media even though it is the safest energy source we have. Add to that in the last 40 years we have dumbed down the science and math instruction in school (although that is changing). We graduate kids that can't figure change. They need buttons that say Burger with small fries. So the upcoming generation can't even understand the value of doing that.
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AlbanyRifles    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - EW   9/22/2005 1:40:19 PM
Well, its obvious that you can't be inspired.....I haven't given up.
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EW3    RE:Journey to the moon 2 - AR   9/22/2005 5:36:35 PM
On the contrary, I am inspired by space travel. Grew up with it. My brother worked at the cape on Apollo, was down there in 1966 during th summer and saw a Titan-IIIC and an Saturn-IB go up. Still follow the rovers and Cassini. But I can also see a difference in our culture than 40 years ago, and therein lies the problem. Excellence was desireable back then, and NASA was the epitamy of excellence. Now excellence is considered elitism in many parts of the culture.
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