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Subject: Bush & China    6/20/2001 3:48:10 PM
I was disappointed in Our Presidents response to China, but not surprised. The "China" issue will remain a tricky political question for many years to come and President Bush chose a route that avoided confrontation at a politically sensitive time. Sadly I have to agree with his resolution of the event. Without doubt China will present us another opportunity and us "Hawks" will see the type of policy change that will make us happy. Meantime lets cut him some slack. The politics at home are pretty gruesome and show no sign of getting better (thanks McCain).
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pfd    RE:Bush & China   12/28/2001 4:16:24 PM
My Mother was in China during the incident. Many Chinese wanted to question her about but she sort of blew them off. Until one Tienamin square guy said...we are not upset with you! It was the Cowboy (Wong Wei) we are upset with! Just remember...people are not machines or prisoners of accepted beliefs. The Chineese are magnificent people with many obstacles to overcome. The obstacle of being Robots went some time ago. Do we dare the same?
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