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Subject: PLA?
M the Ranter    9/11/2002 7:33:17 PM
Where are the Pandas and who is oppressing them so bad that they require the services of a liberation army? Are they in China? Are they in the US? Are they in outer space with L45s? Or are they at your house? And speaking of which, why do you need like 10 billion people to move out to L5? Dont you have enough servant pandas or do you need more slaves for your red panda society? Better pandering than panda!!! May all the Gods and Goddesses bless the dead of 9-11 and may they bring justice to the survivors.
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Matt Smith    RE:PLA?   9/15/2002 10:14:54 PM
M, Where did you arrive at the figure of 10 billion people? I wasn't aware that the current total world population of living humans had approached that number as yet.
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